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Sales & Service for Domestic RO Water Purifiers

See & Taste the Difference in Your Water with Reverse Osmosis

Alpha Enterprises uses innovative technology to provide clients with Reverse Osmosis

systems. By utilizing this membrane capability, customers can experience clean, fresh-tasting

water that’s free from any harmful chemicals.


Protect Your Health by Using Quality Water Filtration Products

Being a professional water filtration equipment seller, we do not want to just sell you anything.

You are invited to know our information on water filtration in various brands before you make

any purchases. Call us (or better still, email us) for any advice needed - Our objective is to

assist customers in finding the correct solution at the most reasonable expense.

Consumers are usually not provided with adequate information to make informed choices when purchasing water filters. We try our best to provide useful information on conventional water filters, reverse osmosis systems to customers through our web site. We also strive to provide excellent after-sales support service to our customers.

We pride ourselves in helping customers select the right water filter system for their needs without making incorrect and costly purchases.


  • We check your water TDS level before selling one.
  • We offer the perfect matching purifier for your need and TDS level of your source water.
  • Offers a multi brand and models to choose from.
  • Quality Assurance.
  • Problem Free Service Support after sales.
  • Immediate response for your service calls.
  • Periodic visit to change pre filters.
  • Free Installation and Service visit regularly.